Video is LIVE with THE POOOL, bringing the immediacy of music to cinema by playing tube to digi-cams, video "stitchers" and assorted "props". On stage the audience views the transformation of visual matter being manipulated with video cameras, video effects, pre-recorded footage and live action. The members, Benton Bainbridge, Angie Eng, Nancy Meli Walker, collaborate to achieve a visual language that describes journeys through psychological states. In capturing basic human emotion of anxiety, fear, alienation, they investigate the world through delicate scrutiny.

Music by Poool members and their collaborators using electronic, traditional and non-instruments completes the experience. The Poool's videos are written and performed with guest musicians including David Weinstein, Tim Spelios, Jane Scarpantoni, ROGO, Naval Cassidy, Ron Anderson, Hoppy Kamiyama and Jason Kao Hwang in 1999.

Recently, Liminal Projects, an architectural team, has collaborated with The Poool to heighten the live creation of the video performance. Liminal will join The Poool at their latest debut of "is warm". Click here for details.
lunaflow"By close-ups we inventory the world of things around us, exploring commonplace sites under the genial guidance of the camera. If, on the one hand, the film(video), helps us understand the necessities of our lives, it also leads us into an immense and previously unsuspected field of action... we begin to see entirely new structures of matter. "

Walter Benjamin