Striving to form an all female video performance group, Nancy Meli Walker approached Angie Eng in the summer of 1995. Days later, a phone call from Benton Bainbridge who Meli Walker collaborated with in 77 Hz (a live video ensemble) prompted them to eliminate the sex criteria and start The Poool. Their first gig was the day after Benton escaped San Francisco and they "jammed" at Sound Lab, Chinatown. During the time The Poool was formerly known as The Pool with 2 o's they performed at The Knitting Factory, Roulette, The Clocktower Gallery, Postmasters Gallery and Artists Space. As The Poool with 3 o's, they went international to Tokyo, Japan as well as performing at local venues: The Kitchen, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Rutgers University. To know more about why The Poool is spelled with 3 o's click here.

The onset of affordable, "compact" video equipment made it feasible for artists to experiment with the video medium creating a variety of new genres: live video(The Poool!), video installation, video performance, dance video, video sculpture, video wallpaper, v.j.'s, music videos and not to forget America's funniest videos! Although the art world focuses on the maleness of these contemporary genres( Matthew Barney, Gary Hill, Bill Viola, Nam Jun Paik) we would like to stress female video pioneers like Joan Jonas, Steina Vasulka, Laurie Anderson, Charlotte Moorman, Mary Lucier to name a few.

Eng, Bainbridge and Meli Walker come to The Poool from diverse backgrounds. Angie Eng is a visual artist making installations out of moving imagery, sound and sculpture. Media mixologist Nancy Meli Walker dissolves the boundaries between traditional disciplines. Her "Glass Media" utilize the television monitor as a canvas of light illuminating cast, stained and found glass objects, transforming TV broadcasts into explosions of radiant color. Cofounder of the live video group 77 Hz Benton Bainbridge draws upon a youth misspent playing with fire, food and electronics to create low tech visual phenomena for the performance, tape and digital dissemination.

The Poool with Brian Moran rehearsing for The Kitchen performance in Brooklyn, 1998


portrait photos by Tim Sager

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