bentonBenton Bainbridge draws upon a youth misspent playing with fire, food and electronics to create low tech visual phenomena for performance, tape and digital dissemination. Bainbridge applies his fascination with music to projects in diverse media, seeking ways to 'play' traditional, cinematic and digital visual arts to an audience whose input shapes the works in progress.

Token Poool Guy Benton Bainbridge likes staring into video screens so long that little yellow splotches permanently swim in his peripheral vision. Like any good fanatic, he wants to take as many people out with him as possible. To this end he gets up on stage to irradiate the masses with cool hard light. "Soon, live video will be as common as Muzak" proclaims Benton, mixing together incompatible fluids in search of spectacular visual reactions. "Until then, I guess it's up to us and a handul of believers to carry the torch."