Combining common object, atmospheric sound, and moving picture, artist Angie Eng creates physical environments probing the surface of awkward journeys of everyday existence to the depths of the subconscious. She balances between being a visual artist, video performer, and art educator in New York City.

Her background in psychological and social process of behavior prompted her to recreate situations regarding mental security and primitive instincts. Recent work inspired by her experiences as a teacher to children and mentally ill adults have been exhibited all over the United States as well as in Japan.

Her video installations and art objects have been shown at alternative venues: the infamous East Village bar, Max Fish,Pseudo Programs Inc., the elevator at Art In General, the corridor of Anna Kustera Gallery. Other sites include: Bronx Museum, Alternative Museum, and Artists Space. Eng recently organized a web project on censorship, SLANT.ORG with an Artists Space Project Grant. She will be exhibiting a new video at Experimental Intermedia, Gent in the Fall of '99. Her last work Drive In was exhibited at AIR gallery in 1998

angie eng